HYenergy Turbines with Xantrex C35

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Hi Guys Hope well.

I have a few HY400W Units and 1000W
I would like to make use of the Xantrex Controllers.
The controllers that come stock with the units seam a bit dodgy and I have heard a few horror stories with them-overheating and causing fire.
My only worry is that, I will lose the "Electromagnetic Braking" function of the stock preset controller.
If I understand it correctly the HY units make use of Aerodynamic Braking as well as the Electromagnetic Braking to create a safe system.
I am not too sure how these two functions work together and which is activated first.

I understand that with the Xantrex C35 I will require a rectifier for the DC input, If the Electromagnetic Braking on the HY units are a big factor, I will probably loose this function and what are the implications?

Thanks so much Guys, keen to hear your thoughts,


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    Re: HYenergy Turbines with Xantrex C35

    Do you have a link to the Wind Controllers? I am not sure exactly how they are connected/what controls they have.

    In general, you should be able to hardware the turbines (with rectifiers) to the battery bank... And then setup a charge controller into "dump mode" with a resistor bank (air/water heater typically) to get rid of waste AC heat.

    Many small wind turbines just use a switch to short the output windings to shut the turbine down or turn off in high winds... Shorting out a well designed wind turbine alternator is not an issue, but many of the low cost alternators have been "fried because they do not have heavy enough copper windings to stall the turbines in heavy winds. A few people have played with using series power resistors to load the turbine rather than dead short it to slow it down before shorting out the windings.... Don't know how well that will work for you.

    An "out of control" horizontal axis wind turbine in a wind storm is a sight to behold (and hear)--So I have read.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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