Best Prices on web for solar???

Looking on the internet anywhere but Australia seems to be a good place to buy solar products. Panels here are almost double the cost of what they are in the US.

Anyone know any good stores in Asia or where I can pick up solar equipment for a better price? Someone that delivers would be great!


  • System2
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    Re: Best Prices on web for solar???

    Really this form is provided for us through the much appreciated generosity of:
    Northern Arizona Wind & Sun
    4091 E Huntington Drive
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004
    800 383-0195 || 928 526-8017 || FAX 928 527-0729

    It would not be good taste for us to send, or suggest, that anyone on this free-to-us form, go to any other retailer, nor should any user of this form expect us to, if the product can be obtained through Northern Arizona Wind & Sun.
    What's fair is fair.
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    Re: Best Prices on web for solar???

    And here's the link to NAWS on-line store:

    They do a lot of international business:
    We accept all major credit cards & PayPal. We ship to all states and Canadian provinces, and to about 40 other countries.
    Best of luck,
    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Best Prices on web for solar???

    Besides what Wayne and Jim said, I've found NAWS has excellent pricing, competent people and also refrains from selling junk. I have made purchases from other places and sometimes regretted not buying from NAWS. Of course, many early purchases were made before the internet and information-sharing sites such as this.