another newbie here. Solar panel help

I purchased two brand new 80 watt solar panels on e-bay. Motomaster Eliminators. The units are not delivering any power to the controller. My neighbor has hooked up our wiring to one of his portable panels and it works fine. Any suggestions? I am unable to find the website for the manufacturer of these panels.
I would really appreciate some advice.
Thank you


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    Re: another newbie here. Solar panel help

    First, check if the panels are good... Take a Volt/Amp meter... Set to volts and see if what voltage you get (should be somewhere between 15-22 volts DC--note which is the + lead).

    Next, set the meter to 10 amp full scale and but the panel lead directly across the amp meter. Yes, this will be a dead short, but is perfectly safe with solar panels... You can turn them away from the sun or put a piece of cardboard/blanket/etc. on the panel so the leads don't spark when you connect. In full noon-time sun, you should see somewhere between 5-7 amps.

    If the above look OK, you can try using a battery as the load, with the amp meter in series--there are some failures that won't show unless the panel is connected to a load--like a car battery. The current will be a little less than what you measure with a short circuit.

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    Re: another newbie here. Solar panel help

    Thanks, I will give it try. the panels are brand new < i don't know why both of them would be bad. i appreciate your help.
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    Re: another newbie here. Solar panel help

    Post the link to your eBay auction so we can see what you actually bought