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    The problem with TEGs (thermal electric genrators) is that they are not terribly efficient... If you go through the specs for the little stove:

    4 watt output / 5.5 kW input (wood) = 0.0007 = 0.07% efficient

    Of course, if you want to cook for an hour or two anyway, then the 4 watt output is "free".

    In "real" TEGs, they are also not very efficient, but there are no mechanical parts either, so they can get installed on mountain top research stations and such where only a small relatively amount of continuous power is needed. They are around 5% efficient.

    "Jeep"--I am truly sorry if I was frustrating you there. It is difficult for us to understand your needs/usage from behind a keyboard. I don't want to waste your money any more than I would want to waste mine.

    no I'm very happy that you were able to help!!! If I never found this forum and you never tuned in I would have bought the inverter and not of been able to use it!! I will update this thread when I finish the build!! It will be very handy for charging small hand held devices camping!! Thanks again!! I would have spent $70 compared to the $40 now if you never told me the inverter is kinda far fetched :D

    Ps: stop back when I update this thread after I build it, my parts will be from ebay so they will take awhile to get here :D
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