Which Solar Charge Regulator for 30watts Panel?

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Hi. I am looking for a simple charge regulator 5-10Amp. I want it to be like modern intelligent battery charger where it pumps 14.4v at max current till 80% and than it tappers off. I dont like these transistor based one where it tappers off current very quickly and just waisting time and energy.
I saw there PWM & FTTP but i dont know how they work from what i see they still charge at old 13.7v rate. Thanks


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    Re: Which Solar Charge Regulator for 30watts Panel?

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    I don't know what you've been looking at, but standard function for a solar charge controller (whether PWM or MPPT type) is to bring the Voltage up to Absorb level (usually 14.4-14.8 for a 12 Volt system) as quickly as possible using whatever current is available. At that point they will hold that Voltage level for some time or current limit. It is inevitable that current drops off during this Absorb stage. Once it is complete the Voltage will drop to a lower Float setting and be held there for as long as the panels can maintain it against any loads. As things are now this is the best way of charging from solar.

    I suggest you look over the specs on the Morningstar controllers as they offer a wide range of types and current capacities. Their operation is pretty much typical of any brand. http://www.solar-electric.com/mochco.html
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