SolarCity Sues Treasury Over 1603 Payments

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body-solarcity-sues-treasury-over-1603-payments.jpg In an interesting turn of events, solar third-party ownership company SolarCity is suing the Treasury Department in Federal Claims Court, alleging that it received less than expected from the now defunct 1603 Treasury Grant Program. This follows the Treasury investigation of SolarCity over whether or not it correctly valued the solar arrays the com



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    Re: SolarCity Sues Treasury Over 1603 Payments

    This is a similar problem I had with Salt River Solar and there lease program. They had a ton of cash out on installs and the Fed investigated and negated a bunch of claims against 1603. Result my deposit is in the wind, while AFAIK they have not declared bankruptcy, but you can't contact them in any way, I even got a Small Claims Court judgement against them and let the bill collectors go after them. Still unsuccessful at any contact. They have gone underground as near as I can tell.