net meter discrepancy

Hi, I am seeing a large discrepancy in my fronius web log results, and what fl power and light says.
For instance, last billing period fronius weblogger says I produced 720 kw, but the powe co. Says I only sent 490. Hence, I was only credited for bill should have been $20+ less.
Any ideas?


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    Re: net meter discrepancy

    Thats why it's called a " Net Meter " that means you Consumed 290 kwh in your house before sending the excess remainder to Power Co ( 490 kwh ).

    Last month I produced 1,000 kwh, but I only sent 360 kwh to PC the rest I used.
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    Re: net meter discrepancy

    I don't know how your rate schedule works, but you need to figure out the best way to use what you produce, if it's the cheapest. At first I thought I was cursed in that my Utility would not buy any power from me, they only " Bank " it. Now that I know in the scheme of it all, it's a blessing.

    If you have a tiered schedule, you may want to use as much power in the morning's. You can always crank up your Hot water heater and then shut it off during the high KWH time with a timer. You can run your A/C early and get as cold can then turn it up a little during the high rate period, get out as much latent heat as you can. I make my wife cook early and then just heat it up late in the day. It doesn't have to be painful, just a little planing.

    The average home spends $300 + a year on Hot Water, anything you save is a Plus. Solar is about watts and averages over time, save $.25 a day, in the 25 years of panel life you save $2300.

    Here is a neat web site that has all kinds of good Information on water heaters, poke around on all the links.
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