Lorentz PS600 Controller

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I have a Lorentz PS600 controller that the System Light would not come on. There was power coming from the solar panels, so that was not the problem. I need to send it in to have it repaired (it is out of warrenty). If any one knows where I can send it, let me know.


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    Re: Lorentz PS600 Controller

    Call American West Windmill and Solar (AWWSC). They are the US distributor for Lorentz.
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    Re: Lorentz PS600 Controller

    These controllers are sensitive to moisture, and the clear spray they put over the boards to keep them dry degrades, especially in sunlight. I had a PS200 fail (under warranty) and the folks at Lorentz were very gracious and prompt about replacing it. Mine was acting up whenever the dew in the morning would condense on the board, but would clear up in the afternoon. Make sure you mount the thing in the box they provide, keep the sun off it, and keep the cover installed on the box.
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    Re: Lorentz PS600 Controller

    Also, it is almost always better to install the "sealed metal box", then at the low point of the box, drill a small hole to allow condensed water to drain out as the internal air pressure/temperature changes over the day. Don't use too large of hole (if bugs are an issue in your area), or cover the hole with a fine screen.

    A "sealed box" without a weep hole will almost always be soaking wet inside after a few months or years.

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