Sharp B Grade Panels

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Looking at the Sharp B grade SUN-SHRP220 solar panels. I was told that they are originally made by Sharp, but they call them Sun panels. This is because these panels have cosmetics and do not have any certifications. Do any of you know if these are legitimate?
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    Re: Sharp B Grade Panels

    does "SUN" offer any warranty? B panel Cost per Watt vs A panel cost per watt?
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    Re: Sharp B Grade Panels

    Right now the B's are on sale for $132. The company that I contacted does not carry Sharp A grade. However, I just found out they are now sold out of the B's at the sale price. So no longer looking at getting these.
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    Re: Sharp B Grade Panels

    Sharp panels are manufactured in San Jose, California. As such grade B panels frequently appear on local Craigslist listings for the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I have purchased several from ML Solar in Cupertino California. They always have something but not always the same model. They have a 90 day warranty and are .65 to .85/ watt. They have cosmetic defects such as scratches in the anodizing on the frames. I have load tested all and they do meet factory specs. Occasionally case lots can be found on Craigslist. I paid .67/watt for B grade mono 200 watt panels , none failed as to date. I am load testing with a Snap-On MT-540 Automotive Load tester which has large analog voltmeter, Ammeter and carbon pile which I can set the load to set the panel at Pmax

    Hope this information helps
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