SMA inverter code

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I would like to know if the grid is turned off the grid tie inverter also stops and goes to this Disturbance code Fac-Bfr until the grid is switched back on. I am not allowed to switch it on until they change my meter but I was doing some testing with the grid off and hoping the inverter would supply power to the main panel. On the display it showed 446v but 0 watts no load. Do I need to wait till my meter gets changed or is there a way to see if it works.


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    Re: SMA inverter code

    Probably not... Has your system been approved by your local inspector yet?

    Our utility did not seem to care if we "worked on the system" before they came out and changed the meter (the wording actually seemed to say the system could be turned on when it passed inspection--whose inspection was not clear).

    My installer left the system on after the city inspected. And the only grief I got was because the billing computer interpreted the meter numbers less than the last reading as an error by the meter reader--And I got a $180 bill instead of a $30 credit. :roll:

    The billing issue was resolved after a couple phone calls (and they could not find the original meter to confirm the reading).

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    Re: SMA inverter code

    With a straight grid tie inverter no grid = no power.
    It will show an error code if it can't sense the utility power.
    It will not produce any power without the grid to sync to.
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    Re: SMA inverter code

    I got antsy and turned mine on and it charged me for what I produced until they changed the meter.
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