NASA’s 13,000 Foot Solar Sail

RSSfeed Registered Users Posts: 3,810 ✭✭ » NASA is preparing to test a massive solar sail called the Sunjammer in space. The sail, developed by California company L’Garde, will be launched into space folded up into a square the size of a dishwasher before unfurling to 13,000 square feet. “NASA has experimented with smaller solar sails in the past,” said spokesman David [...]The post NASA’s 13,000 Foot Solar Sail appeared first on Solar Feeds.

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  • Dashadeaux
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    Re: NASA’s 13,000 Foot Solar Sail

    This solar sail, should it be a success, will not produce a single watt of electrical energy... it will use photons from sunlight to provide propulsion to a space craft. I personally hope the sail is successful, but even then it will only be functional when relatively close to the Sun.
  • Cariboocoot
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    Re: NASA’s 13,000 Foot Solar Sail

    They've been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reruns. :D