Tristar solar controller

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Why is the Tristar solar controller blinking green in the day even when disconnected from batteries and load? Is this normal?


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    Re: Tristar solar controller

    If I remember right, a slow blinking of the green LED indicates a full battery - - so if the battery and load are disconnected, it could appear to the controller as a full battery not accepting any charge? But seriously, I would never intentionally disconnect batteries from the controller while energy is being supplied to the controller from solar panels or whatever source. It's definitely not good practice. Supply (panels) should be disconnected FIRST, then disconnect the batteries. Otherwise asking for trouble as it's possible the controller could be damaged - - - power going in, but no where for it to go type of thing.
    The owners manual gives a description of the LED indicators and the information they are telling you.
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    Re: Tristar solar controller

    Mine will also blink green if I disconnect the power but I don't. As stated Above you should disconnect your power source first then disconnect the battery if you have to disconnect it. They also blink green when dumping power or in equalization mode.
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