are wind turbine motors a DC motor ??......

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hi all, new guy from PA and have my head spinning from all the info bout wind power....i'm in the process of planning my home build and getting the last few details worked out and last moneys saved to start building in a few years....i'm thinking of trying to go off grid or at very least use renewable energy and try to sell some power back to the electric company and have them pay me instead of the other way around....
web searching has my head spinning even more then what it is already, I guess what i'm looking for is what kind of spec's for a AV inverter to use that will handle what my house use needs in kilowatts or what the term a 24 volt better over a 12 volt system to power the inverter and what batteries are best to use....thanks all for reading and i'm sorry if I ask some dumb question....


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    Re: are wind turbine motors a DC motor ??......

    Welcome to the forum.

    There are no dumb questions. But we do keep several boxes full of dumb answers on hand just to keep everyone amused. Like that. :p

    A wind turbine is not a motor: it is a generator. Semantic difference some will say but the difference is there. All generators actually produce AC. It is then sometimes rectified to DC by a couple of different methods. Sometimes people use DC permanent magnet motors to make turbines. These people are known as "disappointed".

    If you're starting with a blank slate forget about wind. It is usually the least economically viable power source on a small scale. The reasons have been iterated here many times so let's do it again:

    1). Site probably doesn't actually have enough wind to make viable power.
    2). Installation usually isn't good (high) enough to catch what wind there is.
    3). Turbine's power output claims are exaggerated.
    4). Turbines is a cheap piece of junk which quits working soon after install (if it ever works).

    The good wind installs are in very clear areas, up high, with top quality turbines. None of that is cheap to achieve.

    So to get the best value out of your energy dollar start with conservation. No matter what the power source, using as little as possible is always a good idea. Second, go grid-tie solar. It is far less expensive than off-grid and much simpler. If you need back-up power, buy a generator. The minute your start adding batteries you have just upped the expense and complexity by many fold.

    Maybe #1 should be "read this forum until your eyes cross and your brain hurts" because it is full of every kind of energy information you could need.

    And ask more questions, whether you think they are dumb or not. :D
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    Re: are wind turbine motors a DC motor ??......

    Also Grid Tied power systems usually only make sense if the utility has a plan that is "in your favor". Basically, a 1 month to 1 year net metered plan (i.e., they act like a money based storage battery--where you generate excess power--dollars in your account--And let you draw out at similar pricing in the winter when you don't have much sun--or similar if you have high A/C costs in summer, etc.).

    Also, if the utility has low metering/connect charges. My utility (with the state of California holding a club over their heads) keeps our connection fees low (around $5 per month) and a tiered pricing plan which can run from $0.10 to $0.50 per kWH (summer afternoons--very expensive, off peak/winter much less).

    Because utilities "don't like" grid connected customers (we cost them money), some are starting to charge very high connection fees and not too much per kWH (i.e., $20-$50+ per month just to connect) and ~$0.06 to $0.15 per kWH or so... So, a grid connected system where you offset power usage, still has high monthly charges for using almost no "net" electricity.

    Interestingly, that also becomes an issue for folks that worked very hard to conserve power... Use 100 kWH per month (not very much for a gird connected home), and pay $10 for power and $40 for a connection fee... A few people here have disconnected from the grid for their small homes/vacation cabins and gone full solar (plus backup genset) because of high minimum billing charges by utilities.

    In California, customers are "not allowed" to leave the grid unless they pay for the privilege (pay for "stranded" costs of utilities for distribution and generator capacity loans taken out "in our name").

    Talk with your neighbors and the utility and figure out how much it will cost to bring power to your property and how much per month will it cost...

    It is a mixed bag--I would bet the value of the property will increase if you bring permitted utilities onto the property. And, it will probably cost a lot more in the future if somebody later choose to bring in power (than today).

    On the other hand, utilities are not ignorant of the costs to service customers. In California, roughly 1/2 the bill is for fuel/generation costs and the other 1/2 of the bill is for distribution/local facility costs. If everyone saves 50% on their power bill, the utility will still have (roughly) the same infrastructure costs--And will raise the minimum monthly charge/fees/etc. to cover the original lost revenue (at least that seems to me, what is going on today in many regions).

    It is not unusual for folks to figure out the costs for a minimal amount of utility power is a wash with full off grid solar, or even cheaper if the lines are not already at the edge of the property but must be run for 1/2 mile or more.

    If, on the other other hand [would that then be a foot?], you will be a large user of electric power (farm, shop, life-style), then the minimum charges and such may not be so much of a factor in your overall power costs.

    It all depends....

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: are wind turbine motors a DC motor ??......

    hey thanks guys....yeah try to save money with renewable energy and figures the power company will charge you more for doing it, geeze....