Solar PV Profit's Last Stand

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body-solar-pv-profits-last-stand.jpg Globally, average module prices (ASPs) decreased by 42 percent in 2012 from a global ASP of $1.37/Wp in 2011 to $0.79/Wp in 2012. In early 2013, ASPs have already decreased by 18 percent to $0.65/Wp with inventory averages ~$-.58/Wp. Many will proclaim this as progress. Some will say that the ends justify the means. A few will devote a brief paragraph to the losses and failures of manufacturers before going on to write of the hugely successful 2013 to come. Some manufacturers may join the chorus lest they be drowned out by drumbeats broadcasting success.



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    Re: Solar PV Profit's Last Stand

    Another Paula Mints article, bemoaning the plight of PV module makers. While I have the utmost respect for PV makers as being the foundation of the solar industry, I don't see how any of them think we don't need to at least head toward the goal of grid parity. Paula keeps writing about how the industry should keep its prices up and build marketing around the concept that solar is clean, high-value energy and worth more. That may be true - but it doesn't sell to any but a few eco-elite types. Until we get more cost-effective than the other dirty sources of fuel, the average person won't do it. Believe me. I hear it all the time. Now that our utility here has gone to zero (well 10cents/w) for its solar incentive, the typical lease financing is merely a push with the utility payments and people won't do it. And that's with incredibly low PV prices. Just wait three more years when the FED tax credit runs out. Grid parity in my estimation is below $2/watt total. Can you say SUNSHOT Initiative?