Max Power Draw of an Inverter Charger

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Say we have a large genset capable of supplying an Inverter Charger as much power as it needs then my question is what is the maximum power and thus amp rating for an isolator switch required for the following two inverters. Isolator switch between genset and inverter charger

A Xantrex SW3024E (230v 50hz)with a max charge rate of 100 amps @24 v nom

B. Outback VFX3048E (230v 50 hz) with a max charge of 45 amps @48v nom

Assuming both are delivery max charging power and supply max pass through to the household loads. In both cases it is for a single inverter charger

Thanks Nigel


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    Re: Max Power Draw of an Inverter Charger


    The maximum AC (230 VAC @ 50 Hz) current input spec is 30 A for both the SW3024E and the 3048E.


    This spec the total that either unit can "pass thru" to downstream loads and/or send to the charger. U.S. code would require an AC input breaker rated at 125% of the maximum, or 37.5 A. I suspect that 40 A is the next standard size. Wiring between the generator and inverter/charger would also have to be rated for 40 A or more, based on conditions of use (various deratings for temperature, conduit fill, insulation rating, etc.).

    Note that the charger specs you provided are DC amps from the chargers to the batteries, and not AC amps into the inverter/chargers.

    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Max Power Draw of an Inverter Charger

    Thanks Jim,

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