Charge Controller Set Up

RonrayRonray Registered Users Posts: 2

I am hoping to find someone experienced with SWWP charge controllers. I just got a SWWP Whisper 200 shipped to Belize for a client.
In transit the turbine impacted the end of the charge controller hard enough to snap the edge of the circuit board.It's dead.
I have on loan a charge controller from a 24 volt Whisper 500. It looks like if I were to exchange the 500's terminal block on the left side for the dumpload for the Whisper 200, set the switches for 48 volt to coincide with the system it would work, other than I see a strip has been soldered across two contacts above the "Positive" battery connection of the 500's controller that was not installed on the 200's unit.
Could anyone tell me the purpose of the strip?
Also could anyone advise if the Whisper 500's unit cannot be used for some reason on the Whisper 200?
Thanks !
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