Newbie looking to install 3kW GT solar system on roof

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Bought an EV (Chevy VOLT) last year, and now got the bug to go completely green both on the go and now at home.

I've done some energy conservation things like converting to CFLs, and installing 24/7 programmable thermostat, and switching to special EV homeowner TOU electric utility rate plan. Also, have been monitoring my household electric power consumption with web based Enerati Home Energy Monitoring system.

With my 2012 IRS tax credit and CA rebate on EV purchase, I've decide to install a 3kW solar system on my 2nd story, unshaded, 25* pitched, SW facing roof. The leading contender for my business is PetersenDean's Power Saver 3000, based on 12 - 250W Canadian Solar PV panels and Enphase microinverters with Envoy Enlighten monitoring system. Fully installed, including permitting, 11k ($3.67/Watt).

Good deal? Other comments or advice? TIA.


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    Re: Newbie looking to install 3kW GT solar system on roof

    Under $4 a watt install for a Enphase based system is a pretty good price before incentives. We have 2 Chevy Volts and our solar system covers our annual on peak usage and a fair amount of our off peak usage as well.

    I assume you have done the numbers, and I would suspect that 3 Kw might be a bit light to cover all your electric costs, but I could be wrong hearing how whacked your utility rates are and how they account for your solar production.
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    Re: Newbie looking to install 3kW GT solar system on roof

    As Solar Dave says--Understand how PG&E will be billing for your plan. The tiered rates and summer/winter plus the electric vehicle plan can make things real crazy--Do you/Will you have one or two meters (I am not sure--Can you install the GT Solar with a single Electric Vehicle TOU meter on a residence?).

    If you have two meters (one EV, one standard residential)--The GT Solar may go with with the residential meter, which will probably have to be an E6 TOU meter. If you use significant amounts of power during the day (to 8 or 9 pm in summer)--And your GT solar system is "too small" for your power usage (say lots of A/C and/or daytime power use for a home office), there is a possibility of your bill increasing even with GT Solar (or at least not reducing as much as you would have expected). The increase in Peak/Off Peak rates, if you use a lot of power during those times with a small GT System can really play with your power costs--Also, understand how the EV meter + residential meter + GT all play together in the billing plans).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Newbie looking to install 3kW GT solar system on roof

    I installed 10 x 255w Solarworld panels with Enphase 215's about a month ago. Did a fixed ground mount, ran me little under $6,000 in all.

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