Convert 24V DC to 24v AC

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Hi...anyone know a quick way to covert 24v DC back to 24V switching relay is 24vac coli and using the DC current from the batteries to switch a low voltage water heater circuit....Help !!!


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    Re: Convert 24V DC to 24v AC

    Either change out the relay for one with a DC coil - - or - - install a 24 volt to 115 volt AC inverter, then connect a 115 volt to 24 volt AC transformer which would then power the AC relay.
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    Re: Convert 24V DC to 24v AC

    You could try installing a ballast resistor to limit current flow in the coil... AC coils tend to draw too much current on DC circuits (no AC Impedance to reduce/control current flow). There can be an issue with DC current magnetizing the moving elements and the coil not releasing (have not tried that test myself).

    Otherwise, changing to a DC coil/controlled contactor is probably the best solution.


    PS: I should add it is not impossible to build an "H Bridge" circuit to change DC to AC current if you like playing with electronics.
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