Windtura 750

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has anyone bought one of these yet???? what did you think??


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    Re: Windtura 750

    Haven't had this particular unit, but have had a somewhat larger one.
    Some things to think about:
    36 inch blades will gather little energy from the wind.
    35 MPH wind is, in the vast majority of locations, something you will only see a few hours at a time, a few times a year.
    1100 watt output from a unit like this, is dreams of pie in the sky. Think more along the lines of 1/10 that in good strong wind.
    That same $1000 spent on solar panels will in almost all cases, except for days few and far between, produce far more electricity on a yearly basis. At least some useful energy will be produced by solar every day, even on cloudy days. (except of course during heavy overcast)
    You'll find that with small wind turbines such as this one, few and far between will be the days when it will produce any usable power at all.
    Oh, for sure they do have their place - - it's awesome to lay back in the tall grass and "watch the wheels go round" against a clear blue sky, even if no power is being produced. On the other hand, bring on a strong wind storm, and you'll be wondering who's windows the blades will smash through and how far away the windows will be, if the blades break off due to the extreme stress experienced during a bad storm.
    Of course the people selling small turbines will paint beautiful, very convincing and hugely exaggerated stories of all the free power you'll supposedly harvest. Unfortunately, the harvesting will be from your bank account.
    Been there, done that, learned the hard way.
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    Re: Windtura 750

    Most people that I know that have them respect them for what the are. Pretty well built for the money and not overrated.

    They're made for 12 to 24 volt systems which are usually to charge batteries but a bunch of people have grid-tied them successfully using the Chinese Sun G wind inverters.
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    Re: Windtura 750

    I have one. Works as advertised. My offgrid site doesn't have constant daily winds so it sits idle most of the time but when the wind does pick up it pushes plenty of amps.

    Off Grid Cabin, 24V 440ah 6V GC battery bank, Xantrex MPPT60-150 CC, Magnum MS4024 inverter-charger, >1200w Solar bank

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