Mosaic: Bringing Solar to the 75%

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From the roof of my condo complex in a sunny part of San Francisco, I can see solar panels on at least a few houses on each surrounding block. Yet solar for our condo has eluded us. When it comes to solar, condos — with multiple owners and HOA regulations — are a tough nut The post Mosaic: Bringing Solar to the 75% appeared first on Solar Feeds.

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    Re: Mosaic: Bringing Solar to the 75%

    "Bringing solar to the 75%" Right. The only reason 75% of people (well Americans anyway) can't afford solar is they choose to spend their money elsewhere. They like the idea of solar, but complain about how expensive it is. Then they buy boats, cigarettes, booze, hot cars, casinos, etc. - the list is endless. You don't see these people asking what the ROI is on their toys and addictions. You see, we want clean energy, we just don't want to pay extra for it. Most people are going to pay absolutely the least possible on their utility bill - and the utilities in response are going to use the least expensive means within their regulatory requirements to provide it. Solar will not go mainstream until it is cheaper than coal. Hmmmm cigarettes or solar power???? no brainer for most people.