A Smarter Way To Install Solar

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A few months ago, I wrote about this former Army Colonel by the name of Dan Nolan*who helped lead a team that was responsible for improving*the energy efficiency at US Army bases in Iraq: “We sprayed commercially available foam insulation on the outside of the tents, creating an air barrier capability to that structure, which lowered the requirements for air-conditioning by 40 to 75 percent,” he explained. “You have to get as much savings as you...

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    Re: A Smarter Way To Install Solar

    I question using a foam coating to anchor the PV mountings. Good luck proving that to a building dept this is strong enough as this is an unintended method by the manufacturer's. The article doesn't say much about what kind of foam coating used here, but if it is several inches of polyurethane foam and you have the mountings sunk down into it, you risk water getting not through the roof so much but just saturating the foam via the many mountings. I really don't like foam roofs. There is a product called Chem-Curb that uses a RTV (lots of it) to seal a roof penetration on these roofs. Very expensive though.