Dow Solar Shingles Hit The Market

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* After encouraging trials with roofing contractors in Texas, California and Colarado, Dow Chemical’s building integrated solar PV*is hitting the market. Dow’s Powerhouse Shingle integrates thin-film CIGS photovoltaic cells right into*standard asphalt shingles.*Roofing contractors install the shingles with no specialized*skills or knowledge of solar*installation*required. The product design is said to reduce installation costs...

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    Re: Dow Solar Shingles Hit The Market
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    Following the Dow link to more info, we find out that this results from installing a GTI: We always knew it took a special meter for net-metering. :-)

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    No clear indication how you deal with roof penetrations which would disturb the continuous rows of the shingle array. I am sure they have a way, but their illustrations show nice clean roofs.
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    Re: Dow Solar Shingles Hit The Market

    I remember first hearing about this type of solar panel some 20+ years ago. Had the same problems then too.
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    Re: Dow Solar Shingles Hit The Market

    The thing to worry about is all those shingle to shingle connections. This has been the problem in the past. Plus, don't expect this to be a cost-competitive solution with Crystaline PV. For roofs that need new shingles and are in a oppressive HOA regime, might be a good way to go.

    Were can I buy some of those I Luv Solar meters?