getting water out of ground

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Been looking into solar and wind for a long time. Havent done it because we have a very deep well and been told not worth it to go solar. Looking to go off grid at some point. Well is 380' deep static level is 308' have 11/2 hp pump 13 amps have 600 gal tank could fill once a week and gravity feed or use a small pump.Thought I could use a modified 220 5000 watt invertor and use when sun is out. wasn't sure if I need batteries and can I get a couple of panels 230 watts I told wouldn't be able to use invertor for anything else cause it only does 220 is this good idea. was told one place 2 batteries another 8 not sure any more went to one company one person said one thing and then went back to buy week later another person said wouldn't work. any help wood be greatly welcomed.


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    Re: getting water out of ground

    Why not run a genny for a few hours a week to fill the tank, and save the big money required to pump form PV? Then use that money to design and build PV for your other not so large loads?

    With the pump set up you have, you would need batteries,, and big ones at that! Your current 13 amp pump is drawing ~3 kw,, not counting starting current.

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    Re: getting water out of ground

    If you have the "right pump" in the well (either three phase or single phase with external/well head capacitor)--You can look at VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). While not exactly the best solution for solar power pumping--It is not a bad start (soft start, can slow motor to match pumping volume to need, etc.).

    I don't have any direct experience myself with VFDs--But you can read a bit about them here:

    WELL PUMP and Inverter QUESTION

    Wind/solar for large scale pumping etc (out of my depth!)
    could use knowledge - using Gould jet pump - transfering from 230vAC to ? DC (new link/thread 10/27/2012)

    Otherwise, the direct solar capable pumps (solar panel to pump, no battery needed) can be the most cost effective (cost of power wise) vs solar+battery+pump or solar+battery+inverter+pump add a lot of costs and more losses over pure solar).

    Pump to tank then use a small DC or AC pump to pressurize the home's plumbing.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: getting water out of ground

    I agree with using a booster pump. I have a 3000gal tank outside collecting rainwater used year round. The booster pump inside only pulls 150watts max and uses less than 1kwhr per week (as metered and tested with Kill-a-watt meter). Only 2.5gpm but if you don't shower and do laundry at the same time you're ok.

    When the water level got down to just above the pump level inside I had to use a hand bailing suction pump to pull water through the pump to prime it after a filter big deal, and only once in 5 years. Usually there's enough head in the tank (greater than pump height) to get water to flow through the intake filter system (yes, the intake filter is before the pump to protect the pump head).

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    Re: getting water out of ground

    i am trying not use my gas generator not very reliable. I can stay on grid but trying to think worst case scenario. was looking into trojan370 batteries. thinking I should waiting on getting them last so I can get them all at same time for whole house haven't figured out how many yet. Need to find a different solar company to work with after being told 2 batteries and 2 solar panels with a 5000 watt invertor would work went to pick up. another person said it wouldn't. almost blew $2000 Thought if I started with water and kept adding would be best now not sure. Went from being told $6000 to $15000 big diference. and I don't use much electricty except the water problem.
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    Re: getting water out of ground

    At that depth I would suggest a stand alone system, a few (2-4) panels, a pump and controller are going to be less expensive than batteries and a inverter. Use the extra PV from the panels to charge 1 battery and use a 12 volt pump to pressure the house if needed. A 5000 watt inverter has to be for more than 2 panels.
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    Re: getting water out of ground

    Go with either a Grundfos or Lorentz direct solar, no inverter or batteries needed. The grundfos is plug and play for running on grid power with the correct controller. The lorentz can be adapted. NO batteries, no inverter needed, unless you want to run on grid power.
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