About Solar Inverters and Panels and Charging Controllers

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Please give me the complete details of Solar Inverters

ex : Solar Inverter 800VA : How many watts panel required
Battery 150 Ah : How Many Amps and Volts Charging Controller Required

how many hours required for complete charging, what minimum temperature required for panels working

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    Re: About Solar Inverters and Panels and Charging Controllers

    Welcome to the forum.

    You are sort of starting in the middle with your questions--Generally, we like to start with understanding your loads (and if you can measure then with a Watt*Hour meter of some sort).

    And, the questions are sort of incomplete--800 VA is not really the same as 800 Watts -- And it really depends on how many hours per day you operate the loads (800 watts * 2 hours = 1,600 Watt*Hours)...

    Similar for the battery bank... 150 AH --- But at what voltage? 12 volt, 24 volt, 48 volt?

    More or less you can recharge a typical lead acid battery from 5% to 13% of rated capacity--or C/20 to C/8 (capacity/hours) rates...

    If a battery is 50% discharged, and charging at a C/8 hour charge rate, it will take ~4 hours + 2-4 hours to fully recharge.

    But, without knowing the battery voltage and your location (somewhere in India?)--It is not really possible to estimate the size of your solar array.

    Solar panels will work in pretty much any temperature--Although, they are significantly more efficient in sub freezing temperatures and will operate at a higher Vmp voltage. But it takes more expensive "MPPT" type charge controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to use that additional charging voltage.

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