Xantrex SW3024E grid-tie without batteries?

It is came to may hands a Xantrex SW inverter, from an unused installation. I´ve been reading the manual and forum topics regarding this inverter/charger. My idea is tu use it at home connected to the grid to lower electricity bill by using power from solar or even an small Bornay wind turbine, simply using the energy from the panels when is available and using the grid the rest of the time, avoiding the unnecessary storage of power (in my case) and the batteries troubles.

I have not seen an operation method without batteries for this model so I start to think that this particular model is simply not desing for these use.

Any ideas?

Thank you all... I am new at this forum.


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    Re: Xantrex SW3024E grid-tie without batteries?

    Welcome to the forum.

    The SW3024 is a battery-based inverter. No batteries = it does not operate. You can't use it in the manner you wish.

    There are GT inverters designed to do this; run directly from panels or turbine. But keep in mind that GT systems do require proper design, permits, inspection, et cetera. You can't legally just get the equipment and hook it up and go. If for no other reason than if you don't have the right kind of meter installed you will be charged for any surplus power you produce rather than paid.

    And whereas GT systems will lower your electric bill, you have to look closely at the numbers to determine if they will actually save you any money.
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