wind and water generators???? is this something we need???

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we park our 5th wheel at the colorado river in the spring and fall, i have 560 watts of solar on the roof with  (4) 6v batteries. we can pretty much run what we want during the day, but for some reason we don't seem to hold the charge that well at night, we run 3.5 volt swampcooler when we go to bed and watch a little TV, maybe a couple of hours, the TV consumes 55 watts and the dish dvr receiver consumes 50 watts. we have everything on timers so they are not left on all night. the batteries are 1 year old and have been properly maintained. i have heard that there are small water generators that we could perhaps set in the river to help increase our power at night, it would have to be something very small. we are also interested in setting up a small wind generator, again something small and portable. i know nothing about either wind or water generators and was wondering if anyone out there knows a bit about them, again we would be looking for something small and portable that we could tie into our existing system.  thank you!


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    Re: wind and water generators???? is this something we need???

    on the subject of your system failing you after some nightime draw, this may be due to the fact that the batteries aren't able to reach full charge during the day. even if new if they go undercharged for long periods of time sulphation can occur and take away years worth of life. check you electroyte levels and specific gravity if you have a hydrometer. if the batteries need water use only pure distilled water to fill them with. i would suggest another power source like wind power if you've no more room for pvs to help keep the batteries charged, but for now try to use no power for a couple of days and allow the batteries to reach their full charge. the extra power could not come from a water turbine unless you'd have a permanent place for your rv, but something like the air 403 may work for you. as usual when it's determined that the batteries aren't reaching full charges then further conservation methods should be used in the form of more energy efficient products or cutback on times of usage.
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    Re: wind and water generators???? is this something we need???

    Suggest you get a copy of Homepower Magazine (Borders, etc) you will find ads for both wind and hydro generators and many articles, its a great resource. You could also consider a small gas generator to charge up the batteries.

    How are the wind levels along the river, is it enough to run a wingen.
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