Mates, Shunts, Hubs.

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Aloha, what are Mates, Shunts, Hubs and why are they needed in a system such as mine?


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    Re: Mates, Shunts, Hubs.

    This would apply mainly for an Outback system but the short answer would be:

    A Mate is a remote wired interface and display for the system. It lets you monitor what the various components in the system are doing and lets you change some system settings.

    A hub lets you connect multiple system components together so they can communicate with each other.

    Shunts are used to measure power flowing through the dc side of the system. They would then be hooked to a meter or power monitor like a FlexnetDC or Trimetric etc to monitor the power going into and out of the system. They are mainly used to calculate the state of charge of your battery bank by calculating how much power has been removed from the batteries versus how much power has been put into the batteries.