Used 600 AH 2 volt Cells

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I picked up 12 of the C & D technology cells model RHD-600 that are rated 600 AH @ the 8 hour rate. The float voltage is between 2.25 and 2.27 VPC. I am wondering about a charge voltage to bulk and absorb them at. These were made in September 2005 and are within .01 volts of each other. I am hoping they get more in like them so I can setup a 48 VDC string. I am currently limping along on some 12 year old Lucent AGM's that are also between 2.25 and 2.27 VPC float and I set the bulk at 14.4 volts and they seem to be happy there.

These cells weigh 104 pounds each, so I can move them by myself which is nice and I made a deal with the battery place for $635 for all 12, so it isn't too bad of a deal, just don't have anything 24 volts to use them in. May have to setup 2 strings of 12 volts, but they may get more of them. I was there too late and they had already sent off 2 skids of 12 each of them to the smelter (I wanted to cry!!!) Worst case I can scrap them for $400, so it is not a bad deal either way.

What are some others setting the bulk and absorb for on AGM's? If there is any interest in the Kansas City area, I will be glad to pass along the information.
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