WOW! Evacuated vaccuum tubes

ThomasThomas Solar Expert Posts: 291
This short tube has 16oz. Glycol in it, after a good hour in the afternoon was at 115'C, this pic was taken at 104'C
About all my wind generator is accomplishing is shading my panels, its broke. I need to get a new stator for it, I was lucky if it matched my battery voltage during ISSAC. I gotta put it up higher also, my anemometer indicates an average much closer to startup 10' higher than it is now. Guys and gin pole are all set up[survived the hurricane too], my E-Bay grid tie inverter , I discovered, has only been functioning at Half power. [email protected] 15 volts[line/battery/inverter] and I am only putting 470 watts into the grid[all off to house]. oh well, gotta get a new one, and a new stator. Magnets?[common? I think I remember reading somewhere on a flight home for leave some years ago these magnetic problems were Mosfet developement motination. I am going to assemble these 10 tubes before correcting the inverter or Air-x so.....470watts it is for a while. later again y'all gotta go
Always troubleshoot with adequate sunlight.  Hi Ho Hi Ho
2.3kW [10] Enecsys SMI-240-60 micro inverters

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