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    Re: using a forklift battery
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    I have an older Fisher & Paykel washer/gas dryer set and I use about 0.250 kWH per load (each machine). They are direct drive DC Stepper motor type and don't have high surge current either.


    I've got an old electric Maytag front loader dryer that needs replacement that I'm thinking about replacing with a gas unit so I can power it with my in-house solar powered mini-grid. The old unit has 10 years of hard duty so what do you think of the build quality of the Fisher & Paykel set?
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    Re: using a forklift battery

    Seem to work well. Mine are about 8 years old now with a family of 4.

    The drier had problems lighting the fire... But they replaced the whole drier when they could not fix it.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: using a forklift battery

    I did hook up a killawatt to my Maytag Neptune front load clothes washmachine, It took .14 KW to finish a cycle that took 63 minutes. I ran this machine on a 600w Go Power pure sine inverter 12v with 6 murdered marine style deep cycle batteries. The warning lights blinked, but completed the cycle with no other apparent problems. This machine was purchased new about 2003.
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