Question on Solar Panels for Grid Tie

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This may be a stupid question by why would anyone want to get a solar panel less than the maximum watts available? It doesn't make sense to me that a person would choose to have 22 165watt panels when they could get 208watt panels thereby reducing the number of panels on the roof.

Am I missing something here?



  • niel
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    Re: Question on Solar Panels for Grid Tie

    it depends on circumstances. the specs may differ or the costs may be cheaper. for those on grid-tie without battery backup may find the input requirements for many inverters can vary widely enough to make some smaller pvs more appealing to optimize a system. sometimes those large pvs are not the most efficient for power delivery for a given area or they just won't physically fit into a given area. for some doing self installs it just might be easier to handle as you must've read what some of these large area pvs can weigh. the bottom line is that watts=watts and it matters not if it may be for 3 pvs say for a given area or 4 pvs for that same area. in an analogy why do you suppose everybody doesn't drive a hummer?
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    Re: Question on Solar Panels for Grid Tie

    Price per watt drives some. Also, ratings vary. Evergreen rates their 180 and 190 watt panels at 98% guaranteed of max output. Mitsubishi rates theirs at 95% of max.

    Also, if you have sufficient size to mount a lower cost panel then why go thru the expense of a higher density panel? Install cost is negligble compared to the panel prices...

    Does that answer your question?