vw generator for wind power

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I have a vw generator 14.4 v, 55 amp that i would like to use as a wind generator. I am new to this and electronics in general. Would this be feasible and what other components would be needed. thanks


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    Re: vw generator for wind power

    it probably is feasable to use that genny, but at what rpm is it rated for? i ask this because you may need to gear the wind system to it. now as to specifics that may depend on the type of wind system and the efficiency of the components you use. in general the wattage for such a genny would be 14.4vx55a=792w. to design for that output to be reached at say 25mph means that anything over that must be dealt with and some system of cutting back must be employed to protect the wind generator. i do say for you to do the research to know what is involved before taking on such an undertaking as this is likenning to saying i have an engine and wish to build something around it that'll take me from here to there.
    if you do attempt something please document everything you do and let us know how it goes.
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    Re: vw generator for wind power

    Unless the vw generator has magnets in it, then it will not work. If it does not have magnets, then 12V at xx Amps has to be supplied to the stator field to create a magnetic field. Without this the generator is not make anything. Also most automotive alternator/generators need to spin at about 5000 rpm to make full load amps.

    Best thing is to do more research, good luck.
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    Re: vw generator for wind power

    Thanks for the info. i understand there is more homework to be done. I will post results as time goes by.
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