Looking for 36 volt charge controller

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Hi folks,
I'm looking for a modest, 36 volt nominal voltage pv charge controller for use with 36 volt battery bank in an electric tractor. the input amps would be 10-20 amps @ 36 volts dc.

i see there are a couple of the larger, mppt units that appear to be able to be configured for 36 volts, but i'm not looking for a $500 controller. A less expensive PWM would be ok i suppose.
Any ideas?

i tried searching our hosts website product line.


  • niel
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    Re: Looking for 36 volt charge controller

    i don't know of a 36v pwm offhand. the cheapest out there that can be utilized at 36v is the mppt tristar 45 at about $400. if memory serves it needs configured or programmed to get the 36v.