Up and running

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Finally got my well dug, pump installed and the lines pulled in and tested it. Seems to be working.
Well is 125 feet above the building site, 435 feet deep with a static level at 350 feet.
Pump is at 420 feet and it's producing 6 GPM with 8 180 watt panels wired in 2 series of 4.
Connected to 3 lines totaling approximately 3000 feet of 1.25" high pressure plastic supplying 3 stock tanks and my buildings.
Yesterday I shut my standard sumbmersible off and ran over 8 hours of watering yard etc. and had plenty of pressure for the house + the tanks stayed full. I do have one way valves at the tanks so we aren't drinking cow slobbers.;)
This system is designed to water some cattle + meaning I won't need to store water for any outages, the line to the building site will store over 100 gallon by itself.


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    Re: Up and running

    What pump did you end up using?

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    Re: Up and running

    I used a Lorentz PS1800 controller and a 1200 HR motor with a HR07H pump end.
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