Solar Data Analysis

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Just thought I'd point out a really nice analysis and discussion of NREL solar data and its application to practical PV use across US geographic regions, seaonal variations, tracking versus fixed tilt, etc.

Link is HERE

It's from UCSD physicist Tom Murphy's excellent blog Do The Math. His blog has several excellent, science based articles and analysis of solar and other energy topics, conservation, etc.


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    Re: Solar Data Analysis

    Thanks; that's an interesting post and a cool-looking blog. It was nice to see someone put some (a lot, actually) numbers behind the idea that I think some of us have come to (from looking at PV Watts data, if nothing else); namely that regional pv production variations across the U.S. are a lot smaller than one might intuitively suspect.

    I also read his post on pv cell efficiency, which had just about the right level of technical detail (for me, a non-engineer).

    Interesting to see that the author apparently has an off-grid system with grid-support, although I couldn't find the details on it.
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