Up and running

Posted months ago about how to make my Outback FM80 controller reside peacefully with my Sw4048. On power up of my new install, the sw started selling but it was coming out of my battery bank at the tune of 70 amps. Fixed that by setting sell volts a bit higher than batt volts and bringing up float volts on the sw. With batts at 100% it picked up the load off the array and started selling that. Funny that the batt volts is the same as the array but anyway it is floating the batts at 54 and selling like a champ. Now I have been told that the sw4048 is limited to around 3200 pts watts, but my readings are with clear skies at full capacity of 33 amps out at 3.98 kw. The fans are run full blast on both the FM80 and the sw. My meter at he main panel is spinning backwards (yippie) But to my question, I had the FM 80 setpoint for amps out at 80 amps and it is showing 4.4kw at 83 amps into the inverter. The batts are only taking in a couple of amps charge so about 80 are going into the inverter, which by pts standards should only be maxing out at 60 or 3200 watts. But the sw is taking it all. So can I damage the inverter running at 4kw out or will it self regulate to protect it self? Can't find any info in the manual. My array is 21 Helios 255's with stc watts of 5300. So they are capable of overloading the inverter if I didn't set the FM 80 at 60 amps out. Any comments would be appreciated.
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