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I'm currently exploring the possibility of installing floor heating into my newly built house. I would like to heat it up using the sun, i.e heating water or another fluid and circulating this under the floor. Has this ever been done or will it work? I know that I can purchase electric radiators and bury these under the floor but I'm working towards living off-grid!

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    Re: Floor heating

    Oh yes this is pretty common actually, to use solar to heat or pre heat hot water and inturn thke that water and heat the home or flor with it. The big thing right now is to install raidant hot water heating in the house and you can always add the solar hot water collectors later and heat with propane or what ever now.
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    Re: Floor heating

    Check this search string:


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    Re: Floor heating

    Going through that process now.......... look up PEX on the web. Lots of good stuff
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    Re: Floor heating

    I looked into a radiant floor to heat from a tarm wood boiler. The cost of circ's running 24/7 all winter killed that idea.(I live off grid)I will go with regular baseboard heat and low volt circ's.A 1000 gal. buffer tank will store heat.
    I have 90 sq.ft. of flat plate water heaters (solar dhw) but during the dead of winter I'm happy if they only temper the water a bit.
    The floor in front of the south-facing windows will be dark tiles, to store heat directly
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