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    Depending on climate, tilt, etc., a reasonable guess might be for one of those to produce ~150w for 4hrs of full sun equivalent, for about 600wh/day.

    150w/14.5v=~10a charging, so something in the range of 100-125 amp-hour nominal 12v true deep cycle battery.

    You would need to check the current requirements on the tv, but my guess is something like a Morningstar 300w pure sign wave would be a good choice. I would avoid cheap modified sign wave inverters in this application. I have a tv about the same size which takes ~150-200w. With the setup described, I'd expect to be able to run it for a couple of hours/day, providing I either had a secondary way of charging the battery, or could be sure of enough sun to charge the next day.
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    Thank you for the reply.well my pv panel is 210wtt-grid type but am going to use it with a MPPT 20amp charger controller for a 12v battery,I live in rural area where sun is very available daily-open space.the tv is 65watt.so now the battery and inverter size to use for long hours please?
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    Go to post #30,  I have a sample calculation.


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