Grid-Tied vs. Off-Grid Solar

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Grid-Tied vs. Off-Grid SolarWill I need batteries for my solar system?* How much does it cost to go completely off the grid? These questions often come up as people start thinking about going solar.* So, what does it really mean to go “off-grid” with a PV system?* First, let’s take a look at a traditional grid-tied system. Grid-tied [...]Solar Feeds

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    Re: Grid-Tied vs. Off-Grid Solar

    In a former job I often manned a booth at solar trade shows. When prospective customers came around, the first question I would ask of them was "What do you want to accomplish with a PV system on your home?" Many, many times they would answer, "I want to get off the grid!" My answer to them would be, in the most diplomatic and circumspect manner I could muster, was "No, you don't."
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