Noise from Wind Turbines

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Virtually everything with moving parts will make some sound, and wind turbines are no exception. Well designed wind turbines are generally quiet in operation, and compared to the noise of road traffic, trains, aircraft and construction activities, to name but a few, the noise from wind turbines is very low. This is similar to the sound level inside a typical living room with a gas fire switched on, or the reading room of a library or in an unoccupied, quiet, air-conditioned office.

Source/Activity Indicative noise level dB (A)
Threshold of hearing 0
Rural night-time background 20-40
Quiet bedroom 35
Wind farm at 350m 35-45
Car at 40mph at 100m 55
Busy general office 60
Truck at 30mph at 100m 65
Pneumatic drill at 7m 95
Jet aircraft at 250m 105
Threshold of pain 140

There are two potential sources of noise: the turbine blades passing through the air as the hub rotates, and the gearbox and generator in the nacelle. Noise from the blades is minimised by careful attention to the design and manufacture of the blades. The noise from the gearbox and generator is contained within the nacelle by sound insulation and isolation materials.
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