SS-10L-12V wiring for 24v battery bank

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This might sound like a dumb question, We have to batteries 12v connected in series to make 24v system and are using the Sunsaver model: SS-10L-12V it says on the pinout for this charge controller 12v. Would I just wire this parallel across the two batteries? or just connect to the 24v.


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    Re: SS-10L-12V wiring for 24v battery bank

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    if the battery system voltage is 24v then the sunsaver should also be rated at 24v. the model you have is rated for 12v. you cannot charge both of those 12v batteries at the same time without rewiring them in parallel. now one could charge each 12v battery individually, but i strongly advise against this because any loads during the charging process could find 1 battery going excessively low and maintaining battery balance is important. if the battery voltage is to stay at 24v for certain then get a controller meant for that voltage.

    the ss-10-24v or the ss-10l-24v models as well as the ss-20l-24v model will work at 24v if you wish to stay in the ss line of pwm controllers.

    now you could opt for a more versatile pwm cc with the prostar line of pwm ccs or even the xantrex c line of pwm ccs, but the xantrex i do not recommend for agm type batteries.