PV String configuration question with 36 Kyocera KC200GT's

I am installing a PV system using 36 Kyocera KC200GT panels and one SMA SB6000U inverter. My plan is 3 strings of 12 panels per string. Because of space constraints, the total array must be split into two arrays, one with 24 panels and one with 12 panels. Array #1 will be 8 panels in the horizontal direction and 3 panels in the vertical direction. Array #2 will be 4 horiz and 3 vert.

My first question is how to configure the panels in series. Should I connect each 4x3 group in series? Or should I connect each horizontal grouping of 12 panels in series? Or does it make much difference? The two arrays will both be facing south but I can imagine that they will be skewed from each other by a few degrees because the alignment will not be perfect.

Another option I have is 27 panels for array #1 and 9 panels for array #2.


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    Re: PV String configuration question with 36 Kyocera KC200GT's

    In general, as long as the two arrays face within 15 degrees (or less) of the same direction, you will notice less than 5% difference in overall power output, within 5 degrees should be less than 1% loss--of course, it is better to have everything aimed where you want it. Horizontal vs Vertical orientation should not matter at all (my arrays are split and have mixed orientation too).

    The slightly bigger issue to watch out for is the length of the wire runs... Too long (and/or too small of wire gauge) will also reduce your overall power output too.

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