Plane powered by 12,000 solar cells

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The plane - the size of a jumbo jet - is powered by 12,000 solar cells turning four electrical motors.


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    Re: Plane powered by 12,000 solar cells

    Looks like the cock pit can only fit one or two people. Maybe one day technology will be good enough so the plane wouldn't have to be so huge!
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    Re: Plane powered by 12,000 solar cells

    Minor nit, although it's obvious if you look at a picture:

    It has the *wingspan* of a jumbo jet. It certainly isn't (to my way of thinking) actually the *size* of a jumbo jet! They can't even carry a second pilot yet, that's planned for the next version.

    When I first heard about this plane and flight, everywhere being described as "size of jumbo jet" I thought WOW!!! We're really making progress!!! But not so much... Also thought their description of the flight as a "20 hour intercontinental flight" as a bit reaching - technically correct, perhaps, but it was only Spain to Morocco! That was a slow flight...

    Not to detract from their accomplishment, I'd love to have a plane like that! :) But the reporting on it has been a bit sensational...
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