Solar Water Pumping

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Need some advice of building my own solar water pumping system. I have a well dug 6" PVC sleeved opening and have water at a depth of 11meters. I want to pump vertically about 15 meters to a storage tank. Looking at using a 12 volt DC Shurflo pressure pump , linear current booster,and a 75 watt(or 2)solar panel(s). I'm located in NE Thailand (Udon Thani) and we do get lots of sun. The water is just for a a small house one bedroom /one shower (Little House on the Paddy). Heading back to the good ole USA in a few months and want to buy all I need solar panels the exception, I can buy locally from a German Co. Any help with the shopping list will be appreciated. Thanks! Jack


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    Re: Solar Water Pumping

    Is there a 12V Shurflo pump that can draw up 11 meters? The 15 meters of head should be no problem.

    Based on the research I did when I built my system, a 75w panel will pump propably <1gpm easily above 15 meters of lift after the pump assuming the draw is under 3 meters or so. Which is fine if your storage tank is big enough and your demand is greater than the daily supply. A submersible might be needed if you need to draw up from 11 meters and in that case Shurflo might not be the right choice.

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    Re: Solar Water Pumping

    Try this: SHURFLO 9300 Diaphragm type
    12/24 Volt DC; Solar direct or Battery powered
    Most energy-efficient way to get water from a 4" (or larger) deep well.

    I use one, it draw ~2amps, pumps ~.9 gpm into 60psi tank.

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    Re: Solar Water Pumping

    No diaphragm pump will "pull" water up more than around 10-12 feet. Even if a pump can pull a perfect vacuum the lift would be equal to about 10 meters max at sea level, and then the water would boil at room temp. It is much easier to make a pump that will "push" the water from the bottom.

    As a practical matter, about the best pumps around will draw 15 to 20 feet or so, and even then it might need a prime or a long time to suck any air out. While pumps are available that will pull up to 30 feet, the exense and power needs would be pretty high.

    So basically for anything over 15 foot, the only reliable way is to drop a submersible pump down to the water.
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