Solar vs Wind (revisited)

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Solar vs Wind (revisited)This is a question that many of us who follow the clean energy industry may have asked ourselves: which one represents more value for money, wind or solar power? Surely they are both alternative energy types that we should embrace in order to break ourselves from our oil addiction. But are they exactly the same [...]Solar Feeds Related posts:The Quietest Wind Turbine in the WorldThe Retractable Blade Solar Wind...

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  • waynefromnscanada
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    Re: Solar vs Wind (revisited)

    Very interesting. This report, that for the average homeowner, dollar for dollar, solar produces 5 times the power of wind, backs up my personal findings through the experience of myself and others.
    As I've said so often, very few were the days when my small wind turbine produced ANY usable power at all, while with solar, extremely few were the days when it didn't produce at least some usable power for several hours.
  • Rick1
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    Re: Solar vs Wind (revisited)

    Everyone I have talked to in East central Illinois that have both Solar and Wind say they will only put up solar in the future unless they go off grid and need the wind in the winter months.