compressed air generators



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    Very interesting. My electric company has a free weekends plan and I am exploring ways to store electricity.
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    So far--The cost of storage (batteries, pumped water, compressed air, and such), seem to be, at best, about the cost of utility scale electricity at best--And at worst, several times the cost of the utility power.

    Do you have things you can do with the power on weekends? For example, if you had large cistern/pond, you could pump water up to there for storage and use gravity feed (or a smaller boost pump) for water around the house/business/farm.

    Weekend cooking/canning/freezing for the next week's (or months) food...

    If you really want to get interesting--There is cooling/freezing water (chillers) then using the cold water for A/C load reduction during peak power times (larger office buildings have done this).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    i guess here is my thing what would happen if you pumped the air into three tank starting with the biggest to the smallest not all at the same time run them like pistons start at high pressure, inject each tank in a cycle reducing the pressure as you go regulating pressure as needed. or use water in the first place like the home made water rockets. fill the tank just before a impeller on the generator and spin it with pressurized water.
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    i am not sure anyone would understand what i am talking about but the whole idea is to be able to regulate pressure throughout the day this would be something that would run all day and night long regulating the power output the whole day. the way you can look at it is like at the fountain show in Vegas high pressure being regulated through many tanks and then pushed into a take part filled with water till pushed out. if you can use a valve that didn't release till the right pressure is met. you could think of it like a wind turbine clutch based, reversed high speed push on an impeller with water and air. it would be like if you pumped on the clutch on a stick shift car.hoping someone gets the idea or thought behind it.
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