Mounting 3 axis accelerometers on a blade??

SH YangSH Yang Registered Users Posts: 9
Good Day,

Is there anyone using 3 axis accelerometers on a wind blade or turbine to measure vibration??
I have not used 3 axis accelerometers, however, I should use this type..
(Ive used only 2 axis ones..)
I was trying to google how to mount, but seems not clear enough.

My questions are like below.

1 - Could I use 3 axis accelemeters without board??
Attachment not found.

2 - how to collect the data from the accelerometer??
( I think the board should be connected like the attached.)
Attachment not found.Attachment not found.

Actually, I am going to attach several accelerometers on a blade.
So far, mounting several 3 axis on the blade seems impossible..
Do I need to just use 2 axis accelerometers??
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