SMA battfuse and battery disconnect experience

Jigme Urgyen
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Has any one used the SMA battfuse 1 or 3. I am planning a system with 3 Sunny Islands and 3 big battery strings. Trying to figure out what happens when I pull a fuse ?

Has anyone else got any experience with large battery disconnects, either using switches or breaker?


  • stephendv
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    Re: SMA battfuse and battery disconnect experience

    When I looked at the SMA battfuse it was too expensive compared to a breaker from midnite solar (for example). Each sunny island is capable of 10kW peak, so around 208A. You could use 3 x midnite solar 250A DC disconnects. Outback also do a 250A DC breaker. In my opinion, a breaker is more useful than a fuse (especially considering the price that SMA puts on fuses).