Matching up wind speed with temperature to create a thermal model of wind turbine

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Hello everyone,

It's been nice for me to join in a professional forum like this~I think I am a totally amateur here~LOL

I have a few questions and thoughts about my project, I list them below, could anyone give me some advise on if they are

As my project was to match up wind speed data with temperature to create a thermal model of wind turbines, it was Carter 25KW turbine and all the data has been collected, and what I should do is to program and pick up data of temperature and wind speed by Matlab, it seems that what I should study is data processing and programming with Matlab, and I studied literature on following fields for literature review:

1.Develop mathematical models for data processing, mainly on
- Regression model
- Neural network model

2. Thermal field of generator and gearbox
3. Condition monitoring and fault detection due to temperature anomalies

I really have no idea what other kinds of research I should do for the project, could someone give me some advice? and if the literature I studied in last one month was practical?

Data processing and programming is a totally new field to me, I apologize if there is some misunderstanding of what I should do or learn.

Thanks very much


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    Re: Matching up wind speed with temperature to create a thermal model of wind turbine

    What is the independent/dependent function(s) you are looking for here?

    Local Wind, at least in my area, is not really a function of local temperatures... Instead, it is based on temperature differences, we have cold ocean air rushing inland during the summer to displace hot rising central valley air--Mount turbines on draw/ridge-line, generate power.

    Unless you are trying to characterize a Wind Turbine performance vs temperature and wind speed? Then you also really need barometric pressure too as less dense air will generate less lift on the blades of the turbine... And, probably need humidity levels too.

    Otherwise--Are you looking at cooling issues inside the turbine (gearbox, alternator windings, etc.)?

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    Re: Matching up wind speed with temperature to create a thermal model of wind turbine


    Thanks for helping~:)

    The project title is "Match up wind speed data and temperatures to create a thermal model for wind turbines"

    The point is that we might detect faults by measuring temperature rise. Faults in the gearbox or generator create rough running, and cause noise and vibration which in turn are dissipated as heat. Therefore an unexpected rise in temperature might indicate a fault. So I will have to create a gearbox and generator thermal model to know what is an expected temperature rise from expected levels of vibration and solar radiation.

    and, I already have the historical data but I need to match up the weather data with the turbine power data and the temperature data also the wind speed data so we have all the data for each data in the same file with a consistent time stamp, then build up a thermal model with Matlab.

    That is all my project about, I tried to read literature about mathematical models for data processing, thermal fields in wind turbines and fault detection due to temperature anomalies, are these readings practical? Cause I tried to find journals on these aspects, but seldom of them related to my project. How to write my literature review made me confuse...

    Anyway, I really appreciate, Bill

    Thanks so much~
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    Re: Matching up wind speed with temperature to create a thermal model of wind turbine

    Eddy, just a note of encouragement from my experience of writing a thesis more than 39 years ago...

    what to you seems like such a simple question, and you would expect that 'someone' must surely have written something on this topic, proves to be a false assumption, keep looking or modify the question. This is the typical 'Proven hypothesis' as a hypothesis is either proven correct or incorrect, in your case it is the latter. You now have the opportunity to break new ground but keep the question (hypothesis) as simple as possible.

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