DOE Backs Plug and Play Solar

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DOE Backs Plug and Play SolarThe U.S DOE* has pledged $5 million toward the development of plug and play photovoltaic systems that can be installed in just a day. At present, a majority of the public are hesitant about purchasing PVs owing to relatively expensive cost in terms of upfront payments and tricky installation. The Energy Department’s funding will seek [...]Solar Feeds Related posts:Plug Power is a Power Play $PLUGPlug and Play...

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    Re: DOE Backs Plug and Play Solar

    This issue has been addressed in other threads such as:

    It's just such an attractive idea that I keeps comming back with new "fixes". On the one hand, it would make it so much cheaper and easier for many to integrate solar. On the other hand, inappropriate installations it would keep the fire department busy.

    From the article: (underlining is my emphasis)
    "Plug and play systems will enable consumers to hook them up to a PV ready circuit after which a detection system will initiate communication between the utility and the solar system."

    Idiot proof? Not likely.:roll:

    By the time you instal "a PV ready circuit" and hook up the interface for connecting the "communication between the utility and the solar system" much of the cost and labor savings will have diminished. I suppose it might help if there is a unique connector for the PV circuit inlet/outlet. If you make all of these changes it is starting to look a lot like an enphase system anyway.

    It'll be interesting to see what "they" come up with.

    Alex Aragon
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